"How do we resolve complexity? Now, to compete, products and services must become more digital. But digitization leads to exponentially increasing complexity. That's why values, organizations and leadership styles are changing for companies. These changes must be agile and must not disturb stable operations. Dynamic strategies, digital sprints and proper integration approaches are the solution."

Horst Tisson, CEO Tisson & Company


From workshops and open trainings to concrete project consulting and implementation, we are at your side according to your needs. Together with you we develop dynamic strategies for your company and approach your goals with digital sprints.


What we are convinced of

Today, companies have to provide more services. However, the common distinction between "either" regulated (operational) service operation "or" fully agile organisational form is not enough. Tisson & Company follows the "Everything is service" approach: providing stable operational services and agile forms of organisation for the development and introduction of innovative services.

"We are specialists in Enterprise Service Management: With our approach to Service Intelligence, we offer state-of-the-art technology in the field of intelligent service control. We project findings in the areas of data warehousing, business intelligence and cognitive technologies onto the service world."

Stefan Kuhardt, CEO Tisson & Company

Managing change processes creatively, taking organization and employees with you, ensuring quality despite ever shorter development cycles: To be able to meet the increased demands on companies, an interdisciplinary approach and strong partner is required. That's why we and our partner companies launched the Digitization Alliance.